Hiring Made Simple – Why a Partnership with Opti is a Smart Move in Today’s Market

Companies across the country are relying on staffing agencies to find and deliver workers where they are needed during the pandemic crisis. Public and private sector organizations are using staffing agencies to provide essential workers.
As the pandemic continues to create a great upheaval in the job market, staffing agencies like Opti have the experience and the expertise to find the people that your company needs. Moreover, they are taking the lead in addressing issues involving the health and safety of contingent workers during the pandemic.
If your company is looking for people in this unsettled job market, Opti can be a reliable port in the storm. There are three primary reasons why – we have an extensive network of highly qualified candidates, we evaluate each of them thoroughly, we work to determine what your needs are to make sure we find a good match.

Why Opti?

Our Candidate Pool

At Opti, we send you only the best because we attract a dynamic candidate pool. Through our evaluation process, we are able to sift through the many applicants to indentify and introduce only the best that the workforce has to offer. We have a database of more than 120,000 active and passive candidates that is continuously updated and evaluated for our clients.
After 14 years of research into the needs of our clients, we can give a deeper look into the workforce. Our ability to focus on the quantifiable skills and attributes of our candidates sets us apart from our competitors. We look at more than just what their duties and responsibilities were, but what they accomplished. We look at the impact they had at their company, what motivates them.
We meet with each job candidate individually in order to evaluate not just their skills, but their personality as well. We can help your company by simplifying and clarifying the hiring process, providing candidates that can help you solve your problems.

What You Get

We will deliver a comprehensive screening package to you, showing how we have matched a candidate’s skills and experience to the job description. We provide at least three reference checks to confirm the quality of the candidates, any skill assessments required, reasons why the candidate is seeking a new job, the candidate’s company culture preferences, salary requirements, and an analysis of why we believe the candidate would be a good fit for your company.

Are you Hiring and Considering Staffing Services? We’d Love to Help!

If your business is looking for people who will make an impact, Opti Staffing can help. We take the time to learn about your company, your culture and your needs, and then we work to make the best match between the worker and the company. Give us a call today.