Looking for Candidates in Tacoma? Meet Ben, Tyler, Shannon and Jamey!

Our Recruiters represent a multitude of talented and experienced individuals eager to bring their expertise to your team.
Opti Staffing’s rigorous screening process ensures that we only represent highly qualified professionals, and our dedication to career building means that our candidates are in it for the long haul.
Meet some of our talented candidates ready to go to work today in the Tacoma, WA area and reach out to learn about all of our top tier talent in Oregon, Washing and Alaska! They are ready to make a long-term commitment to an organization!

Check Out These 4 Professionals Who Know Their “Stuff”!

Ben has over 6 years of Paralegal experience in multiple facets of law.

He has worked for firms that practice Family, Immigration, Real Estate, Trusts, Bankruptcy, Personal Injury, etc. The last firm Ben worked for slowly began losing clients, eventually cutting his hours in half. He began working for Amazon and eventually took that on full time. Recently, Ben has looked to find a firm that he can see himself with long term. He is eager to learn new things and tackle any task given, whilst utilizing skills hes accrued over the course of his career. In person, Ben is professional and exuberant.

Tyler has over 13 years of Party Chief experience.

In his years, he’s completed a multitude of public and private projects. One of the things that makes him stand out, is the proven track record of high performance. In his last position, Tyler was given 6 different raises based on annual performance reviews in the 5 years he was with them. Tyler is seeking a company where he can utilize his lengthy knowledge and have room to grow even further in the industry.

Shannon is a seasoned Property Manager and she knows her stuff!

She has been in the industry for over 15 years and has 8 years of onsite experience. She has handle units with over 300 doors and has experience and knowledge of HUD and Section 8. Shannon is super excited to find a property management company to call home as she is someone who stays for the long run! Her last job she held for over 5 years and has shown longevity at all of her previous jobs. I like Shannon’s passion and spunky spirit! I think her personality and experience make her a great candidate!

Jamey has over 10 years experience in the industry and knowledge of housing regulations and fair practices

She says she has some HUD knowledge as well as onsite management experience. She is a self-starter, confident, and says she can seal the deal when it comes to filling units. Jamey believes in working her way up by showing dedication, and successful results within her work!


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