First Day on the Job: Five Essential Safety Items You Should Bring to Your First Job Site

If you are starting a job in construction, or any similar type of work, you should know the importance of safety. You need the right protection for your eyes, ears, head, lungs, and feet. Generally, employers are required to provide personal protective equipment to workers in accord with OSHA guidelines. But if you prefer to bring your own safety equipment, here is what you will need.

1. Safety glasses

The best type of safety glasses is the wraparounds because they provide the best protection. You should buy glasses that are OSHA certified. Some also prevent glare and fogging up. Good brands of safety glasses include 3M Virtua protective eyewear and tinted glasses such as 3M Moon Dawgs.

2. Earmuffs

A lot of power equipment these days is loud, often 90 decibels or more, and 90 decibels over an extended period of time can lead to hearing loss. The best kind of hearing protection is earmuffs, which can reduce the noise level by at least 20 decibels.
One good brand of earmuffs is Condor. There are several different types of Condor earmuffs, depending on the kind of noise reduction you are looking for. And they are collapsible.
Some types also have speakers to play music, such as 3M Tekk Worktunes.
Earplugs are also available to reduce noise. They are more convenient to use because you can carry them in your pocket, and they are less bulky than earmuffs. But they don’t provide quite as much noise protection. Some can be used more than once. Howard Leight company offers a range of earplugs.

3. Masks

Particles in the air can be dangerous, especially asbestos and fiberglass dust and mold spores. When working in an environment where dust from different materials is present, it is important to wear a respirator mask. This type of mask does a better job of filtering out particles than the simple disposable masks.
The filters on the respirator masks can be replaced, so you should always have several on hand when working. One good brand is the 3M 6000. The standard model respirator mask is the N95, which filters out 95 percent of all particles.

4. Gloves

The work gloves made today are much more form fitting and light weight but still offer a lot of protection. They are made from canvas, cloth or leather. Ironclad is the company to go to for work gloves.

5. Boots

The work boots made today fit comfortably the first time you put them on. They should give you a firm and stable base from which to work, one where you don’t have to worry about slipping. Depending on the freedom of movement and protection you want, you can get varying types of ankle support.
Steel-toed boots can provide a great deal of protection, but they are heavy. A better alternative is a boot toe made from a composite material that is just as sturdy but also lighter.
One well-liked work boot is made by Wolverine Overman.

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