Phone Interview Skills All Job Seekers Should Have

Employers often conduct preliminary interviews over the phone, especially if the job candidate is located in an area some distance from the office. The phone interview is a quick and inexpensive way to screen candidates. The hiring manager basically wants to get some idea of what a candidate like you is like, learn a little more about your background, and make some determination whether you could be a good fit at the company.
Here are some tips on how to perform well at a phone interview.

Preparing for a Phone Interview

The first order of business is to find a quiet, comfortable place to conduct the interview, a place where you can avoid distractions. Finding a room where you know you won’t be disturbed is essential.
Have a pad and pen or laptop with you so that you can take notes during the interview. Also, prepare an outline covering the points you want to make and answers to questions the hiring manager is likely to ask. You should jot down some notes on past accomplishments at your former jobs, along with facts and figures to support your answers. As with an in-person interview, write down questions you want to ask about the job.
You should also have prepared notes about the company, its goals, mission, values, operations and other basic information.
You may also want to practice with a friend before the actual interview to work on your tone of voice, greeting and presentation.

What to Do After a Phone Interview

First impressions are important, even over the phone, so you may want to practice your greeting. Treat the phone interview as you would a face-to-face encounter – prepare for it the same way, and answer questions as you would a formal job interview. Don’t eat or drink during the interview and avoid chewing gum.
Smile! The hiring manager will not be able to see it, but it does influence your tone of voice, giving it a more upbeat sound. Your voice needs to convey enthusiasm and confidence.
If you think of a question or a comment while the hiring manager is talking, jot it down on your pad to refer to later.
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