Exploring & Defining Our Motto: Momentum

Now that we’ve defined our annual motto, let’s take a closer look at the themes contained in “Momentum with Passion and Purpose”. Together they make up a bold attitude that keeps us focused on our standards. Taken separately, however, these ideas are no less vital and dynamic in their applications. Let’s start at the very beginning: Momentum!
Momentum amounts to not much more than wasted potential if you don’t put in the work to maintain it. There are days when this can be a tall order, so what do the professionals do when they feel their energy and resolve waning? We asked one of our most talented recruiters, Molly Meek, to tell us how she defines, embodies, and sustains momentum throughout her day.

Where do you get your motivation?

My daily motivation is knowing that everything that I do is for my son; that everything I do in my daily tasks has some impact on him and his future.

What sort of habits or routines do you have to build and maintain momentum throughout the day?

I am a queen of routines. Having a game plan and idea of how my day is laid out before it happens keeps me calmer and more focused on the whole picture and prevents me from getting pulled away in another direction. One of my favorite quotes is “Routine is not a prison but the way to freedom from time.”

How do you recharge so you don’t get burnt out and lose momentum?

One of the simplest and most effective habits that keeps me going is simply taking a step away for a moment and getting some water. Doing a small regroup and clearing my head for 30 seconds does wonders.

How does your momentum impact the companies and candidates you work with?

My momentum affects the candidates and clients that I work with because they are seeing the true hard work that goes into getting the job done instead of just sitting back waiting for the success and results to happen.

Why do you think Opti has lasted for 2 decades?

I believe that the reason Opti has been around for nearly 2 decades is its leaders. Our leaders don’t just sustain the momentum in each day, they truly increase the momentum and push our limits and show us what we are capable of which then translates to our clients and candidates.

What do you hope to contribute to Opti as it enters its next 2 decades, and what impact do you think it will have on companies and candidates?

The future of Opti is to continue to hold true to our roots. “Our success is determined by your success” couldn’t be better said, our goal and dream is match-making candidates with their dream careers to build a stronger economy and future. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the team that gets to contribute to our communities.

What does Opti’s 2019 theme, Momentum with Passion and Purpose mean to you?

This theme speaks so much to the Opti roots.  We were born with the Passion, and Opti has given us the Purpose to grow and keep the Momentum high in our careers.
In our next installment we’ll take a closer look at where the Opti team finds their passion. What gets us out of bed in the morning, and how do we apply that to our work?