Find the Cutting Edge: Five Job Search Tactics You Should be Using

Tired of applying for countless jobs online and waiting to hear back? There may be more you could be doing to find your next job! The work and preparation put in before applying, and the way you showcase your work as a professional, can make a big difference when it comes time to apply.
If you are looking for work, you want to give yourself every chance for success. Here are a few tactics that will help to improve your job search in the Pacific Northwest.

1. Develop a Personal Brand

Just as companies work to develop their brand, you need to do the same. Your personal brand is the combination of skills, knowledge, and experience that make you unique, that set you apart from everyone else, that show an employer why they should hire you.
With the technology available today, there are more opportunities than ever to develop your brand. You can do it with a personal website or through social media, writing blogs on your own site or comments on other sites that showcase your professional expertise.

2. Focus Your Search

A scattershot approach applying to every job you’re loosely qualified for is not an effective use of your time. This is where building a career plan helps you succeed on the job hunt. You need to first think about the exact kind of job you want and determine how your skills and background fit that job, which leads to how you will sell yourself for the job.
Target your search to the company or companies you want to work for. You can do this through informational interviews and networking. Many companies are active on social media, and the content they share may give you an idea of what it’s like to work there.

3. Use LinkedIn

This is the first place online where employers will turn to find out more about you. Make sure you have a profile and that it is up to date. Use LinkedIn to network with others in your profession, industry experts and potential employers. LinkedIn can also be a part of your personal branding efforts – share content relevant to your industry and generate discussion to showcase your expertise.

4. Make Your Application Materials Shine

There is plenty of information online detailing how to assemble a resume and cover letter. Learn how to do it right. After you write it, show it to colleagues or friends to get their opinion. Before you send it, take the time to make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.

5. Network in Your Area

This is the best way to find a job. Communicate with friends, colleagues and others in your industry in person or online about opportunities. Informational interviews are another good way to meet hiring managers and learn more about companies you are interested in.
At Opti Staffing, we work to learn the stories of all of our job candidates, building relationships with them based on honesty and respect, so that we can match them with jobs that fit their skills and experience. Contact Opti today to see how we can help you in your job search.
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