Real Success: Tanya McMorran

When we at Opti take someone on as a client or a candidate, we are making a commitment, a commitment to deliver our best, an effort that goes above and beyond. That’s what makes us so different. We do more than just provide a service, we forge bonds of trust, real relationships based on honesty, integrity, and open communication.

Our people thrive on the challenge of matching great job candidates with great companies. It is what makes their job so satisfying and fulfilling. They are on a mission to find jobs for people that enable them to use their talents and abilities to the fullest and to make an impact.

In this Real Success blog we introduce you to Tanya McMorran, an administrative assistant who is a star employee supporting our Seattle team for nearly nine years. Tanya discusses her favorite parts of the Opti life and why one candidate from her first year with Opti opened her eyes to the power of helping someone find a new job.

1. What is your favorite part about working for Opti Staffing?

The people are the best thing about working for Opti Staffing – our candidates, our customers and my fellow co-workers.

2. Do you have a favorite Opti tradition you could highlight?

I am a big fan of the barbecues we put on for some of our best customers. It is great to get out to our customers’ locations and make a meal for all the people we have worked with and placed there over the years. It is rewarding to see everyone smile and shake the hands of people we have helped find work over the years.

3. What makes Opti unique?

We are a firm that truly wants to help our candidates and customers find the right long-term fit. We want it to be a great match for both people, and unlike the many firms that claim to be about the people and the fit, we actually are and we invest in finding the best fit possible!

4. Tell us about your favorite moment helping an Opti client or candidate.

There have been so many over the eight and a half years I have been with Opti, so it is hard to choose just one.

But since I must, the one that always sticks out to me was right around when I first started. A gentleman by the name of Mike Loza came to me during the recession looking for work. He was a single father with a few kids and desperately needed work. He had gone back to school to learn how to weld and was just looking for an opportunity. I was able to secure him an interview with one of my customers even though he did not have all the experience they were looking for. I knew that Mike’s personality and what he was looking for long term would be a great fit, and they trusted me.

Needless to say, he got the job! I remember vividly the Friday he picked up his first check and stared me in the eyes and said thank you while giving me a firm handshake. That was the moment I knew this was the career for me. Mike is the reason I push so hard for the people I work with. I realized through my experience with Mike how much of a difference we as recruiters can make daily. That one always stands out!

5. What does your perfect day look like?

I love the summers here in the Pacific Northwest, so some blue sky in the morning is a great start, followed by a few great meetings with potential customers, and then having the chance to meet some great people looking for new career opportunities. The cherry on top is finishing the day by extending offers of employment to some great people and being the first to congratulate them when they accept a new position!

6. A Hollywood producer is making a movie about your life – who would be your pick to play the role of you?

This was an interesting question that I was unsure of, but thanks to a trusty internet quiz I found out George Clooney would be the ideal person to play me.

7. What was your first job?

I was a lot attendant at a boat dealership, which is just a fancy way to say I cleaned and moved boats around the yard.

8. What is the one word you would use to describe Opti Staffing?


If you are looking for work, Opti Staffing is here for you – ready, willing and able to put you into a new career. We know what it takes to put people to work. We take the time to learn all about you, so we can help you find success finding new opportunities or new employees. Give your local branch a call today.

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