How to Build New Company Culture From the Ground Up

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A great company culture does not happen by itself. It takes time and effort and a commitment from everyone in the company, especially the leadership. But having a good culture is important. Studies have shown that businesses with good cultures are top performers, with employees who are productive and engaged.

Set the Foundation

The first step to building a company culture is figuring out what kind of culture you want to have. What kind of place do you want your company to be? What kind of reputation do you want to have? This involves determining the core values, goals and mission of the company.
Do you want a reputation for creativity and innovation? Do you want to have a more relaxed and collegial work environment or one that is more disciplined? These are the kinds of things you will need to consider.

Build Higher by Establishing Common Values

When creating value statements, paint your vision in broad brush strokes with comprehensive declarations that are clear and easily understood. At this point, you are concerned more about the overall picture rather than details. The best cultures are one-of-a-kind environments that really show how the company is different from all the others.
After brainstorming for your value statements, you may generate a lengthy list. You then need to pare the list down to about four or five declarations that sum up the essence of your culture. These value statements should be ones that everyone in the company can buy into, and so it would be a good idea to involve as many as possible in formulating these basic statements.

Live Your Values Every Day

After determining the value statements underlying your culture, they need to be communicated to everyone in the company. Company leadership needs to show their support for the values and use them as a guide in their management strategy.
The value statements should also be used to guide hiring decisions, as well as the company operations and organization. If, for example, one of the core values of the company is being honest and transparent with employees, management needs to share information about major decisions with workers.
At Opti Staffing, our core values revolve around providing outstanding service to our job candidates and business clients. Our culture can be summed up with the words excellence, honesty, integrity and open communication. If your company is looking for top-flight employees, give us a call today.
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