Five Questions to Help You Make a Promotion Decision

One of the jobs of company leadership is to groom the leaders of tomorrow, to find those people in the company who have what it takes to move the business forward, to tackle the challenges of the future and keep the business growing.
When is someone ready for the next step? Ask these five questions about the person and his or her performance to determine whether they are ready.

1. Do they consistently look for new challenges?

An employee could succeed in a higher position when they demonstrate an eagerness to take on new projects and challenges, see them through to the end and produce results.

2. Are they good with people?

An employee in a leadership role needs to be a good communicator. Can this employee resolve conflict, give feedback and get people motivated to work together as a team?

3. Do they look at the bigger picture?

An employee ready for promotion has values that align with the company. They look for ways to solve problems and do things that help the entire organization, to help the company better fulfill its mission. They always has the best interests of the entire organization in mind when doing their job.
Future leaders look for problems that affect the entire company, attempt to find solutions to those problems and then work to put those solutions into practice. Their talents may lean toward operations, management or strategy, and their particular strengths and skills should determine the kind of promotion they receive.

4. Do they know how to handle failure?

Failure at some point is inevitable. Someone ready for a leadership role takes failure in stride. They acknowledge it, take responsibility for it and, most importantly, learns from it.

5. Are they looking ahead?

Someone ready for a promotion already has plans mapped out for ways that they can use their skills and knowledge to handle greater responsibility. The employee is taking charge of their own career growth. They have ideas for taking on new roles where their skills can further help the company.
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