What to Avoid in the Job Search

Much of the advice about searching for a job revolves around the things that you should be doing. However, there are things you need to avoid as well, mistakes that you need to watch out for that could rapidly sink your chances with an employer.
Here are a few to watch out for.
1. Resume errors
The most egregious errors on a resume are ones concerning grammar and spelling. First of all, these kinds of mistakes are not the ones a professional should be making. They cast doubt on your ability to communicate. Moreover, they reveal a carelessness that does not look good to an employer. Some employers may overlook one or two spelling errors, while others may be put off by even one.
Make sure to proofread your resume to make sure everything is spelled correctly and there are no grammatical errors. Show it to a friend who may spot something you missed.
2. Ignoring instructions
Some job notices contain instructions on how to format an application and what kinds of things to include in it. One sure way to eliminate yourself from consideration is to fail to follow the instructions.
3. Not being aware of what you look like online.
One of the first things employers do these days when they are considering job applicants is to Google the candidate online to see what turns up. You need to know what will appear online when they check up on you to make sure there is nothing that could hurt your chances.
Review your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles to make sure they are professional looking and up to date. Make sure that there are no differences between what you have on your resume and what shows up online.
4. Sending out resumes indiscriminately
If a hiring manager sees that you have applied for more than one job at his company, he or she may think you are not taking your job search very seriously.
5. Following up too assiduously
After you have submitted a resume, you should follow up with a phone call. But you don’t want to do it so often that you become annoying. Tell the hiring manager when you will call in your cover letter.
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