How Office Greenspace Can Improve Performance

More companies are adopting wellness programs for their employees. These firms realize the advantages of such programs in enhancing the morale and productivity of employees. These wellness programs encompass everything from exercise rooms to yoga classes.
But there is one very powerful element of wellness that companies are overlooking, something that actually has a huge influence on our well being, and that is exposure to green spaces or nature. Research has shown that green spaces greatly improve physical and mental well being, reduce stress, and enhance innovation.
Getting back to nature improves health in general, lowering anxiety and depression, improving quality of life and productivity.
Ideally, getting outdoors into more natural areas is the ideal situation. But even modest changes like adding more plants to an office can make a significant difference. Studies have shown that greener office environments improve employee performance. One study showed green offices boosting productivity by 15 percent. Other research has shown that exposure to nature helps boost creativity.
Moreover, other studies have shown that being exposed to nature improves people’s attitude and mood. They are less likely to behave in antisocial ways, more prone to seek connections with others.
At the very least, more greenery in an office improves air quality, which naturally benefits workers. Even exposure to natural environments for just a few minutes can have a big effect, especially if it goes along with exercise like walking or running. Here are a few ways to make offices greener:
1. Have walking meetings outdoors.
2. Sit outside during lunch or breaks
3. Provide outdoor places for walking or sitting.
4. If your company is in a more urban environment, you can get back to nature by installing an indoor garden or atrium.
5. Use natural sunlight to illuminate rooms
6. Even nature photography is beneficial, so you can hang pictures of natural settings around the office
7. Put as many plants as you can around the office.
8. Move your office closer to a park or natural environment.
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