Why Use a Recruiting Agency

If you are looking for work, or looking to change jobs, you may be thinking about using a staffing agency. If you have never used one before, there are few things you should know that will help you get the most from using an agency.
1. The staffing agency represents you.
More specifically, there will be a staffing recruiter working with you who will represent you to the agency’s clients. It is the clients who pay the fee, not you.
2. How can a staffing firm help?
First, the recruiter will talk with you about your background – your skills, knowledge, and work experience. He or she will try to learn as much as he can about you so that he can determine if the job you want will be a good fit with your skills.
A good recruiter will be able to determine if your resume is giving a good picture of your background or if there are things that should be changed or added. He will be able to learn things about you relevant to the job that you may have omitted in your resume.
The recruiter will also have details about jobs you are applying for that may not have been advertised, and will be able to give you information about the job that will be helpful in deciding whether you want it and that will help you during the interview.
Recruiters often also have information about jobs before they are advertised.
3. Be prepared for your interview with the recruiter
You should generally treat an interview with a recruiter like a job interview. The recruiter is there to help you find a job, but he is also evaluating you to see if you will be a good fit for the job. Dress appropriately for your meeting and come prepared to answer questions about your background. You want to sell yourself, but you also need to be honest with the recruiter as well.
You should ask questions as well. This is an opportunity to get information about a particular company that you could not otherwise obtain. Recruiters naturally know a lot about the companies they work with and will be able to talk about the advantages and the disadvantages of working at a particular company.
There are plenty of good reasons to use a recruiting agency, and one of the best you can use if you live in the Anchorage area is Opti Staffing. Opti has the contacts and the expertise to find the right job for you. Give Opti a call today.