How to Start the Day Right

How you start your day can have a big impact on the rest of the day. It can give you the momentum you need to hit the ground running and be productive, or if you have a rough start, you could spend the rest of the day just trying to regain your balance.
People who get a lot done have a good morning routine – it’s one of the things that makes them productive. Here are a few tips on getting your day off to a good start so you can get more done, in no special order.
1. Take a moment and think about your day.
This is a time to get a little distance from things before you dive in. Where are you at with your work, what are your goals for the day, how much more do you need to do, and how should you go about it?
2. Get your work area ready
Make sure everything is adjusted properly – chair, computer monitor, keypad. Do you have everything else that you need?
3. Go over your to-do list
Check to see what you have to do on it, and make any changes that are necessary. Then, prioritize your tasks and projects for the day. What needs to be done first, second, and so on. Realize that you may not get to the things further down on the list.
4. Get organized
You may think that a messy desk is a sign of a hard worker. But that mess is actually hurting your productivity more than helping. Research has shown that people who have neat, well organized work areas are more productive than people who whose areas are messy.
5. Take a very brief look at your email.
The idea is to do a short once over of your email, looking for those that are urgent and important and requiring an immediate response. Those are the only ones you should respond to. You don’t want this to interfere with what you need to get done. Set aside a time later in the day to more thoroughly go through your email.
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