How to Maintain Good Mental Health

Research is showing how important our mental health is to our success and productivity at work. Mental health in general can be described as our feelings of well being, how well we control our emotions and handle the difficulties of daily life.
The good news is there are things we can do to improve our mental health, and they are not that difficult. Here are few examples.
1. Talk to yourself in a supportive way.
This may sound a little awkward, but research has shown that it works. How you think about yourself can have a big impact on your feelings. If we are negative, looking at ourselves in an unfavorable way, it also colors the way we interpret our experiences. We tend to look at what happens to us as simply confirming our worthlessness. So when we think about ourselves, we need to do it in a way that is empowering.
2. Express your gratitude.
Think of things that you are thankful for, and write them down. Again, research has shown that this can help our mental well being.
3. Lend a hand
Studies have shown that when we help out someone else, we also feel better about ourselves. It helps us to build self-confidence and improve our own lives.
4. Talk things out
Opening up to someone else also makes us feel better about ourselves as we talk about our feelings. We also feel better knowing that there is someone who cares about us.
5. Take a time out
Taking a break can also do a lot for our mental demeanor. Just taking a break can have a big impact. Take a time out to do some deep breathing or go for a walk.
6. Get enough sleep
A lack of sleep can have a tremendous effect on our mood. So, you need to be sure you get enough sleep. That means seven to eight hours a night. You should go to be at the same time every night. Shut off your electronics at least an hour before bedtime.
7. Exercise
There is no longer any excuse not to. Exercise is so beneficial some medical professionals believe it should be classified as a medication. It helps to improve our mood and helps us to better control our emotions, according to recent research, in addition to reducing stress.
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