How Working Together Helps Productivity

It is common knowledge that people working in a group can be more productive than when people work individually.
When people work together, they work more efficiently and effectively, they work longer, and they have more fun doing it. This is known as the social facilitation effect. Experiments have shown that when people work together, they develop ideas more quickly than the same number of people working individually. The group also develops more ideas than individuals.
Research is now showing that when people feel some kind of bond with others, they tend to work even better. It supports the idea that working in teams can be a lot more productive when members feel a bond with others.
When people perceive that they have something in common with others, some type of connection to them, they are motivated and work better. In one experiment, subjects were told that they shared a birthday with someone they were working with. As a result, the subjects were more motivated to work with the other person. Moreover, the subjects did a better job on the work compared to when they were not told about the shared birthdays.
In another experiment, people were asked to complete a puzzle. But in one scenario, the subjects were told that the person who had worked on the puzzle before them left the subjects a hint on how to complete the puzzle. In another scenario, the subjects were told the hint came from the researcher, not from others doing the puzzle.
Those who had received the hints from other subjects, worked longer and harder on the puzzle and rated the puzzle more enjoyable to did those who received the hint from the researcher.
The bottom line of this research for business is that when you are marketing a product and you want people to feel a link with your brand, you need to also advertise something that you have in common with your customers.
The same holds true when you are putting together teams at work. For better cohesion and better performance from team members, you again should communicate to each member all of the things that they have in common with other members on the team, no matter how small or insignificant – even a birthday.
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