How to Brighten Your Company Blog

Many companies today have blogs. The blogs are a way of disseminating the company brand, as well as bringing traffic to the company’s website. The problem with many a company blog, however, is that they can be a little dull. The question is, how to make it more interesting, so more people will read it. Here are a few ideas.
1. Pull back the curtain.
Give people a look at how things are done, how the company does what it does, the process it goes through. To add interest, include pictures and video. Also, use several different writers so that you get more than one viewpoint.
2. Tie it to current events.
Use what is happening in the news as something to peg your articles to. Entertainment news is especially interesting to people.
3. Use video
Vary your posts by using video occasionally instead of writing them. This will create a more personal connection as people get to see who is creating the content.
4. Tell a story
This is still one of the best ways to generate interest. People like to hear stories. So, use narrative examples from your business to get your point across. Use anecdotes.
5. Use your people
Get employees to contribute to the blog by writing about something that excites and interests them.
6. Use infographics
A recitation or list of facts and figures can be dry and dull. To liven things up, use graphics and pictures. Not only does it make for more interesting reading, it usually makes it easier for the reader to grasp what is going on.
7. Stay current
Tie your blog into the latest trends in the industry. You can explain what these trends mean and how your company is taking advantage of these trends.
8. Become an niche expert
Pick a niche business area that your company is involved in and learn all you can about it. Then blog about it. You can become the go to person for anything related to that topic.
9. Highlight your clients.
Putting your clients on the blog will help to add a spark as well. They can tell their stories and bring a more personal dimension to the blog.
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