Exercise Improves Brain Function

If you want to improve your performance and productivity at work, one sure way to do that is by getting more exercise.
Research has shown that exercise helps our minds as well as our bodies. It actually helps improve our cognitive capabilities.
Recent research has shown that people who exercise regularly have better brain function and more white matter in their brains. White matter tissue allows different regions of the brain to communicate with each other. More exercise helps brains to handle more complex ideas. Other studies have shown that people who get more exercise also have more brain activity when they are resting than people who are more sedentary.
One reason why exercise improves brain function is that it pumps more blood and oxygen to the brain and improves the working of the capillaries in the brain.
The researchers conclude that regular exercise protects the brain and its functioning as we age. Older people who got more exercise also had more oxygen getting to their brain than people who did not get any physical activity.
Moreover, exercise has been shown to actually cause the growth of new neurons in the brain, while stress, anxiety and depression have been shown to decrease the number of neurons. Exercise increases the production of certain hormones that affect the hippocampus area of the brain, producing more neurons there.
However, the research also showed that you reach a point of diminishing returns with too much exercise. You can overdo it, and reach a point where the hormones are no longer effective. It appears that a moderate amount of exercise is the optimum for getting the benefits of the neuron-producing hormone. That translates into running two to three miles instead of ultra endurance training.
But the point is that any aerobic exercise at all will help improve the health and functioning of your brain by producing these hormones and improving blood flow. There are many ways to incorporate more physical activity into your daily routine without taking too much time, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or taking a walk during your lunch break, or indeed, walking anywhere.
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