Are Business Cards Necessary in the Digital Age?

In this day and age of smart phones and other mobile electronics, how necessary is it to have a business card? This has generated a good deal of debate among career experts. Some feel business cards are relics of an age past, that they are no longer needed, while others say they still serve a purpose.
What might that purpose be?
The advantage of a business card is that it is small, lightweight, portable, easy to distribute. Moreover, it gives people a material record of their contact with you, something you can actually hold and feel, rather than bytes on a screen.
Often, when you meet someone for the first time, and strike up a conversation, they might not remember your full name or title. By giving them your card, you instantly reinforce who you are and what you do. It is a tangible reminder.
When you are looking to network, it helps you save time and energy. For example, after you have been conversing with someone for a while, and you want to give them your contact information, all you do is hand them your card, and that’s it. Done. You appear more competent and professional. You are not fumbling around looking for a pen and something to write on.
Your business card should naturally have your name on it, along with your title, company, and work telephone, email address, and website. You don’t want to put too much on it, otherwise it might look to cluttered, and that would defeat the purpose. You should leave the back side blank.You should use white as the background color of the card, in the event that someone wants to jot a note on it. Also, stick to the standard size of two inches by three and a half inches. Make sure the font is easily readable and no smaller than a size 12.
Some suggest including your photo on the card as well. It may make you stand out more. For example, if you attend a conference and come away with 40 or 50 cards, but only two or three have pictures on them, they are much more likely to stick out in the person’s mind.
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