Maintaining a Good Work-Life Balance at Your Company

To attract and retain high performing workers, companies need to provide a good work environment. One component of this is enabling employees to maintain a good work-life balance. But how do you know if your company is doing enough to ensure this balance, and whether workers are satisfied with the company’s efforts? To find out, you need to look at data that will give you some indication and to survey workers.
1. Looking at data
To get some indication of your company’s work-life balance, look at your hiring data. Are top prospects accepting offers, or are they passing up your company for other opportunities. Are you hiring female employees, or are they passing over your company? What is the turnover like at your company? Are you retaining good workers? Finally, look at information you are getting from exit interviews. Why are people leaving?
2. Check with employees.
Meet with your employees to discuss the work-life issue at your company. You should attempt to find out how stressed out employees feel, and whether their stress levels are affecting their health and productivity. As part of this, you also should find out the causes of stress for employees and get their suggestions as to what can be done about it. Do the workers feel they have the resources to deal with stressors at work?
If the company has programs in place to help employees deal with work-life issues, are the employees aware of them, and are they helping?
3. Survey your workforce
This is another way to gather information about work-life balance. Through the surveys, you can learn more about the issues affecting your workers. For example, you can find out how many are single parents with children, how many are caring for elderly relatives, how many have infants?
You can use the information gained through the meetings with employees to use as a foundation on which to base your survey questions.
Using all of these data-gathering methods, you can put together a snapshot of your workforce and establish some provisional correlations between work-life problems, work environment, and demographic profiles. This will enable you to help formulate some strategies for addressing the issue.
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