How to Prevent Job Burnout

Is your job getting to you? You may be suffering from job burnout and not even know it. It is something to take seriously because it can affect both your career and your health.
Especially in today’s work environment, where employees are being asked to take on more and more responsibilities, dealing with increased stress has become an issue for just about everybody.
To know if you are suffering from job burnout, you need to know what the signs of the condition are:

  • problems concentrating
  • losing enthusiasm for your work
  • the quality of your work is declining
  • constantly feeling tired or fatigued
  • always checking your email or phone messages
  • always thinking about work
  • having no work-life balance
  • experiencing problems with your health

To bring the problem under control, you first have to acknowledge that you have it.
Then you have to do something about it. You need to let your supervisor know what is going on. Don’t assume that he or she would know without your telling him or her. Your supervisor most likely has no idea what is happening.
You shouldn’t suffer in silence as many do, suffering from some kind of Ironman complex, believing that they can simply ride it out. If burnout is affecting your work and your quality of life, it’s time to speak up.
Then you need to take action to try and get your life back in balance again. That may involve taking time away from work just for yourself or getting more physical activity. Whatever the activity, you need to make time for it – going to the gym for lunch, or getting home in time for supper, for example – and let those you work with know what you will be doing.
Sometimes just taking a vacation may go a long way toward alleviating burnout. This may be especially true for people who seldom take time off, afraid that something will happen while they are away. Taking shorter but more frequent vacations may help to manage the anxiety some feel when they are away from the office for too long.
Just going out for lunch, or taking a walk outside the office may help to improve the situation.
As a last resort, if the stress has become so great that it is wreaking havoc on your life, health and family relationships, quitting the job may be what you have to do.
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