Asking the Right Questions

During the interview process, career experts all counsel that the person being interviewed needs to ask questions about the job they are applying for and about the company. Not doing so gives the hiring manager the impression that you aren’t really interested in the job.
Asking questions also gives the candidate the opportunity to show his or her knowledge about the company, which will certainly make a good impression on the interviewer. But there are certain questions that some advisors recommend asking at every interview because they will help you gain a better understanding about the job and what is required.
The first question deals with the priorities of the job and what they are. When candidates interview for a job, they often don’t have a complete picture of what the position entails. Their knowledge is limited by what they have read in the job description. So this questions will help to give a clear picture of what is required to do the job well. It will help you to focus the interview on doing the job itself, rather than on your past performance or resume.
You should also find out if the job is new, and if it is, why they created it. If it is not new, you should find out why the person who had the job left.
Another important question to ask is about the biggest problems the company is currently experiencing. The hiring manager will in all likelihood be happy to tell you about them. It’s possible that you might even be able to offer some ideas about how to solve the problems during the interview, thereby showing your expertise.
Another key question to ask is how the company will measure your performance. How will you know if you are doing just an adequate job as opposed to doing an excellent job? This will tell you more than just what the skills are that you need for the job, but what the goals of the company are as well and how the company will measure advancement toward those goals. Also, knowing what you need to do to go above and beyond what is required will enable you to draw on past experiences where you used your skills and knowledge to perform in the way the company is looking for.
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