Tips to Get the Job You Want

It seems that as the Internet has grown, so has the number of web sites and other portals offering job hunters foolproof advice for finding a job. The job market is in a constant state of flux, and so advice that may have applied in the recent past may now be considered obsolete. So, in this flurry of information, what can you believe? There are a few things to keep in mind to give
yourself an edge.
One thing to keep in mind is crafting your resume as a narrative. Telling a story is still one of the most compelling ways of delivering information and making a point. You want to avoid the traditional list type resume where you simply write your previous jobs and duties. Crafting a story means that you are making all of your previous experience, education and skills gained work together for the single purpose of telling the employer how you can help him, how you can solve his problem.
Also, if you have been putting an objective at the top of your resume, drop it. It really is a waste of space. The objective puts the focus on what you want, when it should be on how you can fulfill what the employer wants.
Another traditional so-called rule about the resume is that it should never be more than one page. And, while brevity is certainly a quality to strive for, you shouldn’t be boxed in by the one-page rule. The important thing is to make everything in the resume count. Everything in the resume should fulfill the purpose of telling the employer how you can help him. If it doesn’t do that, get rid of it. If in the course of making your case to be hired you should go over one page, that’s not a problem.
Stay active on social media, especially LinkedIn. You don’t have to join every social media site, but you should keep up with a few.
When you apply to companies, the less time spent with human resource departments, the better. You need to find the person who is doing the hiring and sell yourself directly to him or her. The function of human resources is to eliminate people from consideration, and, as such, HR is simply a barrier to get by.
And finally, stay active and keep your skills up to date by volunteering. This will also show an employer your energy and initiative. And it will help you meet new people in your field, which is good for networking.
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