Great Reasons to Look for a New Job

Let’s say that your job is OK. Maybe even better than OK. But it’s not great. In fact, there are a few things that make it less than great, things that could mean you should look for another job.
Read below for four reasons it’s wise to look for a new position.
1) A long commute. Most of us underestimate how much of a negative impact a long (more than 30-minutes) has on our lives. Think about it. Just a 30-minute commute means you’re driving to and from work more at least five hours a week. If you’re commute if 45-minutes one way, that’s 90 minutes a day, every day. An hour? You’ve just added 10 hours to your workweek.
The average commute, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, is 25 minutes. Even that means 50 minutes of your day is spent in traffic.
Why is a long commute so bad for you? In a nutshell, because it takes time away from the things that make humans most happy, our family, friends and social relationships. You can’t be watching your kids play soccer at 6 when you’re in the car until 6:30. Plus driving in stop-and-go traffic simply provides a great amount of stress. You inch along, constantly on the lookout for cars moving in and out of your lane. Your body is on high alert and the cortisol (the stress hormone) is just flowing through your body. And this type of stress, studies have shown, is very bad for your health.
2) You’re not making enough money. If you’re working for a company that doesn’t offer competitive wages, look for one that does. When asked by an interviewer why you want to leave your current employer, a fine answer is that you’re looking for a higher salary.
3) You feel opportunities for advancement are lacking at your current employer. It’s human nature to want to “do more.” If you’ve tapped out all potential to take on more challenges at your current employer, potential employers will look favorably upon you when you tell them you’re looking for a challenge.
4) Finally, if you have two, or even three of the above reasons it’s wise to look for a new job – a long commute, poor wages and/or little chance of advancement – take a moment to ask yourself if now’s the time to look for a new position.
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