Looking for Work and Covering Your Tracks

Let’s say you’re employed. Let’s also say you want to find another employer. How can you look for work without tipping off your current employer so that you don’t become a – suddenly – unemployed job seeker?
Read below for some tips:
You’re going to have to plan your interview opportunities a bit more carefully. Yes, you can use the “I need to go to the dentist,” or “My child has an earache and I need to pick her up from school” excuses, but if your job search takes any length of time, these types of excuses to leave your office will become suspect too quickly.
Instead, you might try looking ahead to using up some vacation time. Also, keep abreast of when your boss and colleagues will be out of the office at conferences or on their own vacations. The need to come up with creative excuses will be lessened.
You also can ask interviewers if you could interview after hours. Many will be happy to accommodate you.
Never, never, ever conduct a job search on anything but your own computer, laptop and smartphone. All e-mails sent, all resumes and cover letters written should be done so only on your home devices.
Also, never – and we mean never – send a job-search e-mail using your work e-mail address. It sends a very unprofessional message to any potential employer. Plus, many employers monitor employees’ and computer e-mails closely. You take a great risk using a work e-mail address in your job search.
If you need to leave in the middle of the day for an interview, and if your company is a casual-dress place, you may be caught a bit in a muddle as to how to dress appropriately for a job interview.
One solution is to place your interview clothes in your car and change into them on the way to the interview.
But perhaps the best way is to always dress professionally at work. That way, when you’re dressed “for an interview,” no one will be the wiser. Plus, your boss and colleagues will come to view you in a more professional light!
Always keep working hard and doing your best for your current employer. Slacking off could get you sacked before you’re ready to leave.
If you’d like to find another employer in the Portland, Seattle, Lake Oswego, Tacoma, Anchorage, or Chicago areas, send your resume to the Opti Staffing Group. We often have direct-hire opportunities with terrific employers. We look forward to hearing from you.