4 Ways a Staffing Service Saves You Money

Why should companies use a staffing service? Let us count the ways:

  1. Your cost per hire will decline. Many companies don’t have a dedicated human resources department, let alone experienced recruiters on staff. A staffing service has a laser focus on recruiting trends, is completely up to date on hiring laws, uses the latest in recruiting tools and, because of its focus only on recruiting, tends to know “where the good guys are.” A staffing firm will take on all the expense of advertising, resume screening, interviews, testing and background checks.
  2. You’ll find that your overtime costs also go down. When business is booming but you don’t have enough staff, partnering with a staffing firm will help you ramp up production with temporary employees rather than paying your regular staff overtime. In addition, the staffing firm is responsible for all temporary employees’ benefits and payroll expenses.
  3.  Have you ever ramped up your hiring due to increased business only to see the business decline, yet you still have employees to keep busy? A staffing service can bring you temporary employees to work only when there’s work to be done. Once you’ve no need for their services, you needn’t worry about having to pay laid off workers unemployment insurance.
  4. We can recruit for just about any type of position. Many smaller companies need certain types of professionals most of the time, such as accountants, administrative assistants, sales people, electricians, etc. But what happens when you need to hire someone outside of your experience? It will be harder for you to source these individuals. A staffing service, however, knows how and where to find professionals in all job sectors, saving you time and money in your search.

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