Should You Go Back to School?

When the recession hit, you got laid off, and are now looking for a job. The good news is that you have many years of experience in your chosen profession. But you don’t have a college degree. Should you go back and get one?
There is no simple answer to that question. Here, it’s a case of giving yourself the best chance of landing another job, and to give yourself the best chance, it couldn’t hurt to get the degree if people in your field are usually expected to have one, especially in this job market.
With so many people chasing so few jobs, human resource departments are scrutinizing resumes more closely than ever before. Some places may reject you simply because you don’t have the degree if it’s listed as one of the job requirements. It makes the screening process easier for them. It may not matter how many years of experience you have, or what you have accomplished in your field.
It’s true that not all places will be so knee-jerk in their evaluation and will consider your other qualifications. Again, it’s a matter of giving yourself the best opportunity at the largest number of companies.
And, in fact, returning to school may be an opportunity in itself. First, you will meet people, students and faculty who may be able to help you in your job search. They may have advice on how to go about it or may know of connections that might be helpful.
Another plus is that in fulfilling your degree requirements, you will have an opportunity to broaden your horizons, to see different ways of thinking and looking at the world, to become a more well-rounded person, which may help you in the job search. It may be an opportunity to explore areas of interest unrelated to your career, which in the end can only help your personal development.
And, your willingness to return to school, even mid-career, shows an initiative and determination that in themselves may impress employers. Today, also, there are many different educational options available – schools that offer classes online, or classes that are structured for working adults.
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