Harnessing the Power of Employee Surveys

Companies have a valuable resource to help them plan for the future. Unfortunately, it’s a resource that is often overlooked. This resource is the company’s employees.
A recent survey has shown that many companies are not using their employees to best advantage by not soliciting their opinions about the company and its planning. Surveying employees is a good way to get worker input on issues, according to officials at the Opinion Research Corporation. Employees can provide valuable feedback on a range of policies and procedures.
But the Corporation’s study found that less than half of the surveyed companies canvas their workers for insight and information. Moreover, among the companies that did survey their employees, the study found that fewer than half made any changes as a result of the survey.
Making these kinds of surveys is essential for any business, according to Terry Reilly, director of employee engagement at the Opinion Research Corporation.
The success of any business is inherently dependent on the work of its employees, he said. By surveying them, it allows the workers to give their input and become more engaged with the company, to have the feeling that their voice is being heard.
Where companies made surveys and then took steps to implement employee feedback, the workers generally were more energized and happier compared to companies that did not survey, according to the research.
According to surveys made among employees, the number one issue among workers is pay. Another big concern is the issue of equality of pay. Employees are concerned when companies narrow the pay scale between new workers and those at the other end of the scale. Another big concern is benefits. Unsurprisingly, employees increasingly are concerned about the cost of healthcare.
The surveys also showed that employees also are troubled at the extent of micromanagement among supervisors. Other issues high on the list of worker concerns are the human resource departments being out of touch, better communication from management, overwork, and favoritism.
Experts say that managers also should pay close attention to the comments section of employee surveys. Often, the suggestions in this section offer quick, easy to implement ideas for improvements in the workplace.
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