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Why Use a Recruiting Agency

If you are looking for work, or looking to change jobs, you may be thinking about using a staffing agency. If you have never used one before, there are few things you should know that will help you get the most from using an agency. 1. The staffing agency represents you. More specifically, there will… Read More »

How to Start the Day Right

How you start your day can have a big impact on the rest of the day. It can give you the momentum you need to hit the ground running and be productive, or if you have a rough start, you could spend the rest of the day just trying to regain your balance. People who… Read More »

How to Get Back on Track

It often happens when we are working on a project that we hit a roadblock. We run out of ideas. We’re not sure what to do next, where to go from here. Our momentum has been lost, and we’re stuck. If you find yourself in this situation, here are some things you can do to… Read More »

What to do When Workers Leave

Turnover may be a more common occurrence than in the past because of changes in the economy. Nonetheless, employers should try to keep on good terms with workers even after they leave the company, according to researchers. For most employers, connections to an employee end when he or she leaves the company. But companies need… Read More »

How to Survive the Job Search

The job search can be frustrating. It takes time, several months or more usually. It is filled with uncertainty – you send out resumes and never hear anything afterward. And the stress can be overpowering, especially when you have to interview. Realizing all this, what can you do to stay sane during the job search,… Read More »

The Importance of Body Language

Everyone knows how important communication skills are in the workplace. All employers value people who have good communication skills because they are so necessary in the workplace. But when people talk about communications skills, they are usually referring to written or spoken communication. There is another component that really does not receive the same amount… Read More »

How Working Together Helps Productivity

It is common knowledge that people working in a group can be more productive than when people work individually. When people work together, they work more efficiently and effectively, they work longer, and they have more fun doing it. This is known as the social facilitation effect. Experiments have shown that when people work together,… Read More »

How to Maintain Good Mental Health

Research is showing how important our mental health is to our success and productivity at work. Mental health in general can be described as our feelings of well being, how well we control our emotions and handle the difficulties of daily life. The good news is there are things we can do to improve our… Read More »

When to Best Schedule Your Tasks

When you make up your to do list, you most likely attempt to prioritize your tasks based on their importance or urgency. What you don’t think about much is when you will do those tasks, or make a particular decision. But some recent research has shown that the time that we do things has a… Read More »

How to Learn More Effectively

Learning is a process that never stops. No matter where we are in our career, we have to continually grow and develop through learning, whether it be in a formal classroom setting, on the job, or through discussion with colleagues. That being the case, it would certainly be in our best interest to know how… Read More »