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How to Focus Better on Your Work

Often, when we are working and we have trouble concentrating, we feel that we have to muster all of our strength and willpower to bring to the task at hand. And so we try even harder to force ourselves to focus on what we are doing. In the very short term, this may produce some… Read More »

Are You Sending “Don’t Hire Me!” Messages?

Have you been looking for work for a bit but having no luck? If so you may be self-sabotaging your efforts or otherwise sending a message to a hiring manager that you shouldn’t get the job. Read below for a few things you may be doing that are keeping a hiring manager from asking “So,… Read More »

5 Tips on Asking for a Raise

No matter how “tough” your boss says it is at your company regarding finances (translation: “no raises this year), your boss can and will find money for raises for those who truly deserve it. Read below for five tips on how to ask for and receive a raise. Understand that you truly must deserve this… Read More »

New Kinds of Employee Benefits

In the competition for talent, companies are becoming rather creative with the benefits they offer, ones that go beyond the usual medical coverage and retirement. If you are in the process of looking for a job, it may help to know what companies are offering to help you find the right place to work. For… Read More »

Finding the Right Person for the Job

You are looking to fill a position at your company and you have done an analysis of the skills that are needed. You have posted an advertisement for the job. But you have been having difficulty finding people who have the right skills. What can you do to improve your chances of hiring someone? You… Read More »

6 Tips for a Better Cover Letter

Does anyone really read a cover letter anymore? Isn’t the resume the be-all of a job search? Answers: Yes, cover letters matter – big time – and no, resumes aren’t everything. The reason covers letters are so important is because they’re often unavoidable when it comes to reading them. Thanks to e-mail, many job candidates… Read More »

Interviewing for Temporary Positions

If your staffing service asks you to interview with one of its clients for a temporary position, you may think “Oh, it’s just a temp job; not important.” And you’d be very wrong. Temporary positions often result in more permanent work. Even if you’re not interviewing for a direct-hire or a temp-to-hire opportunity, many hiring… Read More »