Should You Rehire a Boomerang Job Candidate?

A boomerang job candidate is someone who has left a company and later returns to work for the same company again. When considering hiring a boomerang job candidate, there are several factors to consider. Here are some of the pros and cons of hiring a boomerang job candidate:


1.Familiarity with the company culture

Boomerang job candidates are already familiar with the company culture, which means they can adapt quickly and start contributing to the company’s goals right away.

2. Reduced recruitment costs

Since boomerang job candidates are already familiar with the company, they require less training and onboarding, which can save the company recruitment costs.

3. Known work performance

Boomerang job candidates have a proven track record of work performance, which can make it easier for the company to assess their fit for the role.

4. Boost to employee morale

Hiring a boomerang job candidate can boost employee morale by showing that the company values and welcomes employees who have left the company and want to return.


1.Burned bridges

Boomerang job candidates who left the company on bad terms or burned bridges with colleagues may not be a good fit for the company. You need to consider the reason why the person left the company in the first place.

2. Lack of fresh perspectives

Boomerang job candidates may lack fresh perspectives, which can limit their ability to bring new ideas and approaches to the company.

3. Resentment from other employees

Other employees may resent the boomerang job candidate for leaving and returning, which can create tension in the workplace.

Hiring a boomerang job candidate has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, boomerang job candidates are familiar with the company culture, have a proven track record of work performance, and can save recruitment costs. On the other hand, they may have burned bridges and created some animosity with other people at the company. Ultimately, whether to hire a boomerang job candidate depends on the individual candidate’s qualifications, work history, and reasons for leaving and returning to the company.

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