Have You Reskilled So That You’re Ready To Manage The Workforce Of The Future?

As technology advances and business practices become more sophisticated, the pace of change continues to increase as well. That is why businesses leaders need to continue learning new skills to keep up. They must be ready to manage the workforce of the future. Here are a few ways that business leaders are acquiring new skills.

How Can Reskilling Help Companies Navigate Change?

1. Improving decision making through data analytics

More companies are hiring big data analysts to sift through the ever accumulating mountains of information, to spot patterns and trends that managers in turn can use to improve their decision-making skills.

To handle the demands of the workplace in the future, managers will need to become familiar and comfortable with big data, how it works and what it can be used for.

2. New approaches to performance reviews

The purpose of performance reviews traditionally has been to review an employee’s performance and discuss ways of making improvements. But managers need to develop the skills to enable them to look a little deeper, to see how their team members are working and using their skills, and if the work they are doing is best aligned with their strengths and skills.

Some workers may be better suited for other types of positions than the ones they are currently working in.

3. Remodeling job descriptions

Traditionally, job descriptions were comprised mostly of a list of duties and responsibilities, along with desired educational background and work experience. Companies would post the job ads at various outlets and then wait for a response.

But with changes in the economy and the workforce, this standard model has become outdated. Recruiting needs to become more strategic. Job ads need to sell the company to job candidates to get the best people. The ads need to be strategically placed on platforms that the most suitable candidates are more likely to see.

4. Developing soft skills

Companies are increasingly looking for people who have the soft skills needed to handle the workforce of the future. These include such skills as leadership, communication, innovative thinking, analytical and problem solving skills, social and emotional intelligence.

These kinds of skills are not only an advantage for increasing employee engagement and productivity, they help in hiring motivated people and in retaining workers.

5. Emphasizing continuing education

Change is the only constant in the business world today. In order to prepare for the workforce of the future, business leaders need to continue with their professional development, to continue learning and growing in their jobs to ensure that they will be successful in the future. There is no end point for training now. It must be ongoing.

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