Opti Can Help Move Your Career Forward In The Tacoma And Seattle Areas

“I highly recommend Opti Staffing Group to any candidates seeking employment. I have been working with the team here in Tacoma, WA, off and on since 2004 whenever I am seeking new/different employment, and they are highly professional and work hard for candidates and employers. Highly recommended… A++. Thanks, Liz and the team!”

Karen Alleman Langer

“I wanted to let you know that I just signed the job offer as a pre-auth clerk. I also want you to know that you and Opti Staffing were the only employment agency out of four that I signed up with that actually tried to help me find a position and that you were very professional in dealing with me. Thank you for all your help.”

Margreate Robinson

“I have nothing but positive things to say in regards to Opti. This is a position that not only fits my interests, but it seems like the perfect fit and it is all because of the relationship I have been able to build with them. For the past few months, they have been looking for positions for me that they felt fit my personality and interests, and I commend them on finding the perfect position. They are exceptional workers and they have had a positive impact on my job search.”

Nick Augustavo

These are just a few of the testimonials we have received from job candidates whom we have helped. We have earned such high praise because we do more. We go the extra mile in working with our job candidates to learn about them as people, not just workers. And we do all of this to make sure we find a job that is the best fit for them.

Making a good match

At Opti, we spend a lot of time with our job candidates because we want to get to know them. We ask a lot of questions, creating a dialogue to help us learn as much as we can about them.

Job skills and background are important. But there is so much more that goes into making a good match. We want to get to know about our candidates’ interests, personality, and goals. We want to learn about what soft skills they have has well – how they solve problems, how well they communicate, what kind of leadership qualities they have, how well they can work with others.

All of this will help us to make the best match of the person with the job. We want to make sure all of our candidates are successful, that they are able to have an impact at the company as well as work toward their career goals.

Looking for Employment? Opti Can Help!

If you are looking for employment, contact Opti Staffing. We are one of the best skilled trades staffing agencies in the region. We have a temp agency in Tacoma, a temp agency in Vancouver, Washington, a staffing agency in Portland, a staffing agency in Salem, Oregon, and a temp agency in Seattle. Give us a call today.

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