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Esther – Over a Decade of Experience as an Administrative Assistant 

Esther is an experienced Administrative Assistant with over 10 years’ experience in operations making her very comfortable with proprietary software. She has proven her ability to Process 3-way P.O. matching invoices, up to 100 plus line items. In previous roles, she was responsible for month-end closing of up to 10 million in accounts and as an accounts payable specialist she exceeded status quo by interfacing with over 1000 venders daily.  

James – Long-Term Production Experience

James has a professional background of over 12 years production experience. He has been responsible for all aspects of production – from streamlining an organization’s SOP in order to create efficient work practices to making adjustments to equipment and tracking labor to lower COGS. He continually develops his business acumen as a founding V.P and Head of Production. By way of his tenure associated with R&D of equipment he has successfully reorganized production processes and standardized operations.

Marci – Experienced Administrative Assistant 

Marci has evolved in the past 7 years as an administrative professional. She is formally trained in the medical field but has over half a decade of experience in the administrative and clerical markets across different industries. Marci exceeded her personal goal to collect as close to 100% of the monies due that day (copays and treatment balances)- as possible by consistently around $3000-$4000 daily. She has also, though, collected between $6000-$7000 on a daily basis. Collection balances were down consistently and we were the most profitable clinic in collecting outstanding balances out of 40+ multi-state clinics.

Christen – Manufacturing, Forklift, Quality Control Dedicated Professional

Christen is a candidate that brings many hats to the table. He got his first job in the manufacturing industry back in 2015 and within a year he took every chance he could to learn new things including crane operator, grinder operator, sandblasting, and painting steel beams. His department was laid off and he moved over to another industry, the maintenance industry. He worked for this company for a year running maintenance and hard labor. He left this role because he started a family and took two years to stay home and raise his newborn. His most recent job was working as a forklift operator and quality control on hops at a brewery. Right now he is looking to join a company where he can grow and stay long term. He brings to the table dedication to a company by staying in one place for a year or more.

Amber – Ambitious Hard-Worker

Amber is a candidate that starts low on the ladder and then climbs up the chain. Twice in her career, she proved that by starting as a cashier and then after years of working, she was promoted to assistant manager. Her experience is mostly at fast-food chains and convenience stores, but she is looking to start a career in the manufacturing world. She is looking to be in a place that is fast-paced and to climb the ladder again. She lacks experience in the manufacturing world but makes up for it by working up the ranks in every job she’s been in.

Lynn – Business and Administrative Professional

Lynn is an experienced professional with an entrepreneurial and administrative background. She’s co-founded a successful publishing company, has an education in naturopath therapy, and a professional administrative focus! Her administrative and business background have afforded her a wide skill-set in customer service, purchasing, marketing, bookkeeping, document publishing, and data entry. Her attention to detail and over 20 years of professional business acumen makes her a viable candidate for almost any administrative role!

Devia – Global Planning and Supply Chain Strategist. Excellent Managerial Experience

Devia, as a Global Planning Specialist has over 15 years’ experience building her portfolio – at one point consisting of 6500 SKU’s and after consolidation down to 4600 SKU’s with her previous employer. She has been responsible for over $1 million in inventory – which she was tasked with introducing new products, maintain pricing and monitor supply and demand using proprietary information. She’s capable of managing a team, at one time having managed a crew of 6 people,  and has been 100% responsible for all procurement dealing in an international supply chain. She says she knows manufacturing and can help grow your bottom line!

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