How to Stay Focused

Staying focused and on a task is harder than ever these days. One big reason for this is technology. We are constantly bombarded with tweets, text messages, emails, and advertisements. Our attention is constantly pulled from one thing to another. In fact, research conducted by Microsoft revealed that the average person’s attention span is just eight seconds long. Biologists say a goldfish has a longer attention span, at nine seconds.
But there are productive people who do manage to stay focused for longer periods of time. How do they do it, you may ask? Here are some things that help them.
1. Exercise every day
You know exercise is good for your health, but studies have shown that it can also help your concentration. It does it right away – just taking a walk can help you focus better afterward. It also helps concentration long term. People who participated in some type of aerobic activity for a minimum of 10 hours a week had better cognitive functioning.
2. Take short breaks
Taking a break for just a few minutes at regular intervals has also been shown to increase focus and attention. You should take the break after about an hour. Working without rest for several hours actually decreases focus.
3. Classical music
Research has revealed that listening to classical music helps us to concentrate.
4. Black tea
There is an amino acid found only in black tea – theanine – which can actually give a big boost to your concentration, according to studies. This amino acid helps to relax a person.
5. Meditate
Again, research shows that people who meditate have better focus than those who do not. And you can get these benefits after only three to six months of meditating.
6. Going outside
Getting back to nature also helps with increasing your attention span. Even looking out the window at trees, plants and flowers can give your focus a boost.
7. Eliminating distractions.
This is a rather obvious way to increase your concentration. It is impossible to focus if you are constantly being interrupted, whatever form those interruptions may take – by people or electronics. You need to cut out these distractions before your begin working if you expect to really focus on your work.
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