Turning Around the Hiring Process

In recruiting job candidates, companies today have technological advantages that were not available in the past. But even with these many and varied technological platforms, many companies still go about hiring in the same way – posting job descriptions and waiting for replies.Only today, businesses have many more places where they can post their job descriptions.
But the process is still flawed in many ways. Sometimes there are applicants with the perfect match of skills and experience for certain jobs, but there are at the time no openings. The hiring process itself may be inefficient, and many candidates may drop out along the way. Job descriptions may not be clearly written and candidates are not sure exactly what particular skills and experience the company is looking for. The process itself is cloaked in mystery – hiring managers are anonymous and candidates have little knowledge of who is looking at their resumes.
Because of these difficulties, some organizations are trying to change things by reversing the process – instead of advertising positions that people apply for, these companies are asking job seekers to tell them about their skills, interests, background and personality, and these companies then search for jobs that fit the candidate.
For example, one organization’s website asks people to do a short video interview in which the people talk about themselves and describe who they are and what they can do. Then the company uses these to see if there are positions that are a good match. (Job seekers can also upload a resume or link to their LinkedIn profile if they want to.)
This gives people an opportunity to talk about what is important to them and what they want to accomplish. It gives them a chance to express their passion and motivation, things which are much more difficult to get across in a resume.
When hiring managers talk with these people, they are able to conduct more effective and efficient interviews having this background information.
This allows organizations to make better hires because they are able to get a better fit between the job and the person.
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