Reasons Candidates Will Relocate for Work

Companies are constantly looking for the best talent they can find, and often the people they want may not be in their backyard but in a geographically distant location. If this is the case, companies may try to entice the person they want to relocate. If your company is in this position, what kinds of things can you do to increase your chances of snaring the talent you need?
To begin with, you need to understand why most people do relocate. And the reasons should really come as no surprise – it’s usually for a promotion – a job with more challenges and responsibilities – and for more money.
In fact, more than 80 percent of the workers in a recent poll said more money would be a key reason for them to relocate. Career advancement was also a reason given by about 80 percent of those polled.
Conversely, more than two-thirds of those responding gave several reasons why they would not relocate, the most common being the job situation of a spouse, concerns about moving children to a new school district, and how difficult it would be to sell their house.
So, naturally, when considering a move, a spouse’s employment situation is going to play a major role in the decision, as is the situation with children’s schooling. So, if you are a company attempting to lure someone for a job, these are questions you will need to consider.
To help entice the person to relocated, you could offer assistance in helping the person’s spouse find employment or with some type of job search help. This will make your company standout, because very few companies bother to do this. Another enticement could be helping out with the person’s mortgage, which, again, is something that very, very few companies do.
Because schools play such an important role in a person’s decision making with regard to relocating, it would benefit your company to provide information to a prospective employee about the schools in your area. Another practice which would help relocating employees would also be to provide information about the communities in the area as well.
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