Don’t Post That Job Yet

You have a new job opening at your company and are looking to hire someone. But, before you post the job, you should do a little planning beforehand.
One thing you need to ask is how quickly do you want to hire the new person? You need to get everyone on the same page. Many hiring managers say they need the new person as quickly as possible, but then move too slowly in responding to applicants to set up interviews. If there are long delays during the process, this might lead applicants to believe that you aren’t that interested in hiring a new person, and may look elsewhere.
Another thing to consider is your attitude toward the candidates. Are you really willing to take the time to assess the qualifications of the applicants? This may sound like a silly question, but all too often, hiring managers rely too much on instinct, whether the person feels right or not. Too often what they end up with are people just like themselves, and deprive the company of any diversity of thought or opinion.
Another thing to consider is the weight you want to give to a person’s skills. Studies have shown that more often a candidate’s cultural fit with a company trumps the skill set a person may have. If personality is more important, you might want to determine beforehand what the absolute minimum skill set a person should have to be hired for the job. You might even hire an assessment firm to test candidates.
You may also want to think about conducting a behavioral assessment of candidates. These can be done online. Although they take up more time, you can learn more about a candidate’s behavior from them than through the traditional interview questions.
How willing are you to adopt new technologies for the interviewing process, such as video interviews? This technology has already shown its value in saving time in scheduling and in avoiding the hassle of flying in candidates. It is expected to become commonplace in the future.
And finally, before posting the job, do you know how well human resources is coordinating job searches with other departments? Although human resources is doing most of the heavy lifting here, the HR department cannot know all of the requirements that a department wants in a new hire, and so they will have to work together.
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