Raising Your Job Satisfaction

Although many companies claim that their employees are their most valuable resource, recent surveys appear to paint a different picture.  One survey showed that employee job satisfaction had hit a 22-year low.  Another showed that almost 85 percent of workers are unhappy with their current job, and another showed that one-third would move to another job if they could.
This could be very bad news for companies because a good deal of research has shown that job satisfaction may be the most important element of a successful business.  Research has shown that when people are happy in their jobs, sales are 37 percent higher and productivity is 31 percent higher.
What’s more, it is not difficult for companies to help their employees raise their happiness levels.  In a recent study, a training course of about three hours, coupled with a 21-day follow up activity where employees created a positive habit showed lasting results in raising happiness levels.
So, given that fact that unhappiness is at such high levels, what can someone do to improve his or her on-the-job satisfaction? The first thing is to simply acknowledge that being happier is an advantage to you as an employee.  Understand that there are things you can do to train your mind to achieve higher levels of happiness by forming habits that increase your job satisfaction.
The first thing you can do is each day is to write three new things that you are thankful for.  Another daily writing exercise is to take two minutes and write about a positive experience that you had in the last 24 hours.  Another important activity for increasing happiness is exercise – at least 10 minutes a day.  Another activity that helps your happiness quotient is meditation, where you quietly focus on your breathing. Another thing to do is first thing in the morning to write an e-mail to a member of your team thanking praising him or her for something.
All of these things – realizing what you are thankful for, focusing on the positive experiences you have had, exercising, meditating, and showing kindness – actually help to change the patterns your brain uses to understand work.
If you’re looking for greater job satisfaction and have come to the conclusion that you’ll need to change positions to find it, contact the Opti Staffing Group. We take the time to get to know your goals and skills and we’ll work hard to match you with an opportunity that matches your needs and interests. We look forward to hearing from you.