How and Why to Give Feedback to Your Staffing Service

Companies that routinely use staffing services to provide qualified workers in a timely fashion are in a position to enhance the relationship they share with the service. This is achieved simply by providing feedback to the company so it can measure the effectiveness of its services.
Letting the staffing service’s managers know what they are doing right, as well as where you think they can make improvements, is a way to affirm the positive things being done or to suggest change to maintain a desired goal.
One suggested method is to periodically have your supervisory staff fill out a “report card” on a temporary worker supplied by the staffing service. Such a report can provide information on the quality of the individual’s work, how easy/difficult he or she is to work with, whether the worker arrives on time for his or her assignment, or how well he or she interacts with coworkers. The staffing service can use this information to identify areas for improvement, and tailor its services toward your needs.
Companies using staffing services should do a quick review on their own regarding staffing services in general. Consider such things such as how well does a staffing service understand your business, and how well does it meet your expectations?  Also rate a firm’s overall performance based on a comparison of other staffing services you have used. Even rate the staffing firm’s representative and how well that relationship is.
In fact, it isn’t unusual to have representatives from the staffing firm tour your facility. Having a direct contact with the work environment they are attempting to staff gives staffing companies a clearer idea of what is expected of them.
Don’t put off saying something or hope the situation will work itself out. It is more likely the situation will only get worse. Address the problem as soon as it is identified so that your staffing service may act quickly.
Any feedback should be precise. Ambiguous instructions are not likely to produce the desired results. And don’t be afraid to listen to a worker’s remarks about a situation. It may simply be a situation of misunderstanding what was expected of him or her.
When looking for a staffing service that really listens and responds to your needs, call upon the Opti Staffing Group. We can help you source, vet and place reliable, productive workers for your temporary, temp-to-hire and direct-hire assignments. We look forward to hearing from you.