Considering a Move To Tacoma?

Standing strong between the state capital, Olympia and the metropolitan powerhouse that is Seattle lies
the tenacious and industrious city of Tacoma Washington. Nestled against Commencement Bay and
Puget Sound, this hidden gem of the Pacific Northwest is quickly becoming one of the most desirable
places to live for those wanting to avail themselves of the cultural diversity of the big city while still
enjoying the relative ease and trendiness of a midsized urban center.

Opti Staffing is excited to introduce you to our city and tell you just some of the reasons we are honored to call Tacoma home.

I. Let’s start with Point Defiance Park. This 760-acre state park rests on, you guessed it, Point Defiance in
the city’s northwest aquatic border. The park contains approximately 5 miles of trails looping around
and through its stunning forests. Point Defiance is also home to popular attractions such as the
rhododendron and rose gardens, public beaches, and the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. This
stunning Tacoma landmark is worth a daytrip at least!
II. Tacoma isn’t just stunning green spaces and idyllic coastlines, however. It also boasts one of the most
actively growing cultural scenes the west coast has to offer. First let’s talk food. It likely won’t surprise
you to learn that seafood is a prominent feature of local eateries. The city is home to some of
Washington’s best-loved fish-and-chips shops that stand alongside an impressively diverse culinary
landscape featuring tastes from all over the world.
III. After your meal, treat yourself to some of the local culture in the form of theaters, galleries, locally
owned boutiques, and trendy performance venues. Catch a quality stage production at the downtown
Theater on the Square, musical performances and events at the historic Landmark Convention Center or
settle down for some local entertainment and a drink at one of the city’s many local watering holes.
Seattle is no more than a stone’s-throw away for those craving an infusion of big-city energy. Need to
feel the wind in your hair? Spend your weekends enjoying cruising tours of Puget Sound or make your
way farther afield and enjoy day trips to some of Washington’s incredible physical features such as Mt.
Rainier and Olympic National Park.
IV. A city is more than just it’s recreation, however, and a home is more than just its amenities. Let’s talk
costs. Tacoma’s housing costs trend approximately 30% lower than other metropolitan areas in the
Pacific Northwest and just about 13% higher than the national average. This increase over the US
standard, however, is balanced by lower-than-average utility costs, about 32%, and Washington’s higher
minimum wage lending to more competitive wages across the state.
V. Next, let’s talk jobs; those bills aren’t going to pay themselves. Tacoma’s future is bright by most
standards. Though it has seen approximately 4% higher unemployment than its neighbors, these
margins close by the month as the Manufacturing, Financial, and Construction industries bounce back.
These industries make up the solid core of Tacoma’s employment opportunities and have maintained
reasonable solvency throughout the economic downturn of the past two years. Fortunately, Opti
Staffing has your back.

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Opti has been navigating Tacoma’s professional landscape for years, and we work feverishly to apply
that experience to the benefit of our candidates and clients. The relationships that we have cultivated
with our community and its businesses give us a considerable competitive edge in the job market. If you
call Tacoma home, then we call you neighbor. We strive to be a part of what makes this city great, but
we know that the real secret is you. Let’s make the most of what Tacoma has to offer together; Our
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