Out of Work Still? Here are Three Ways You Can Build Up Your Confidence for a Job Search

Job searches are stressful, and when you deal with rejection, sometimes repeatedly, your confidence can take a beating. So, the question is, how can you maintain your enthusiasm, energy, and a positive attitude as you look ahead and see no light at the end of the tunnel?
First of all, if you are applying for a particular job opening, you need to remember that there will be many applicants for the position and only a few will make it to the interview stage, so everyone is facing the same long odds. You can never take rejection personally, as any kind of statement of your self-worth. With so many candidates to evaluate, hiring managers are simply looking at facts and figures on a resume. And keep in mind your ultimate goal is a job offer. All it takes is one, and you have reached your goal.
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Three Ways to Stay Positive During Your Job Search.

1. Focus on the process

You need to perceive the whole thing as a learning experience. In the beginning, you may feel unsure of yourself. But each day, as you follow through on the process, you will gain more knowledge and experience, which in turn will improve your performance. Each day you will be improving your job search skills and doing it better than the day before.

2. Make your bed

You may wonder what this has to do with a job search. But actually, it is a very important part of it. Making your bed each morning is a reminder to maintain your self-discipline, to keep your life well ordered.
For the same reason, you need to maintain healthy lifestyle habits, like exercising, getting enough sleep, eating the right foods, and maintaining social contacts. This will improve your health, energy, and mood, all of which are essential to having a good self-image and self-confidence.

3. Get organized

Follow a routine in your job search, a step-by-step procedure to maintain forward progress. Set goals for what you want to achieve each day and each week and develop a plan for how you are going to achieve those goals. Your plan should include research, cover letters and resumes, networking, and social media.
Prioritize tasks on your to-do list. Schedule your tasks and stick to the schedule. Each day, record your progress. As you see what you have accomplished each day and each week, it will help to boost your self-confidence.

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