Five Lessons Leaders Learned This Year

In times of crisis, effective leadership is crucial. In 2020, leaders have been confronted with a crisis of immense proportions, and it has tested their resolve like never before. Working through a pandemic and the accompanying economic upheaval has given leaders new insights into how they need to do their jobs. Here are a few of the lessons learned.

Leadership Lessons From 2020

1. Focus on workers

When a company and its workers are dealing with exceptional levels of uncertainty, leaders learned the importance of putting their employees first. Companies did this by allowing employees to work from home and by giving them extraordinary flexibility with their schedules.
Workers need to feel safe. They need to know that company leadership is looking out for them. Companies need to provide support for their workers through services such as employee assistance programs and mental health programs.

2. Look after customers

When a crisis hits, the needs and priorities of customers will inevitably change. Company leaders learned they need to make sure their firms are responsive to those changes.
It is important to have a plan for how you will deal with customers and follow through on it. Customers need to know that you have control of the situation and are there for them.
Communication is essential. You need to reach out to customers often. Let them know you understand their problems and are willing to do whatever it takes to help them. At the same time, however, you don’t want to set up unrealistic expectations that you won’t be able to deliver on.

3. Check your finances

Leaders learned that they need to ensure their companies have the financial resources to survive the crisis.
To do this, you need to make some financial projections – looking at how a loss of clients would affect your budget and how you can trim your budget to offset such losses.
You should also determine if your financial reserves are adequate. Take a look at your spending rate. Estimate how much money you will need for the next year or longer. From this you can figure out what kind of reserves are needed.

4. Communicate often

Leaders learned that there is no such thing as too much communication during a crisis. It is important to stay in touch with both internal and external partners to keep them apprised of the company’s situation. During the onset of the pandemic, some companies communicated daily with employees, keeping them up to date on changes and initiatives.

5. Stay the course

Leaders learned that they need to hew to their core values and mission during a crisis. While day-to-day operations may change a great deal to accommodate workers and customers, the company always needs to align its long-term goals and projects with the overall mission of the company.

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