Should You Accept the Job Offer?

So, you have just had a job offer. Congratulations! Now you have to decide whether to accept the position. How should you go about making your decision? What kinds of things should you consider?
The first things to look at are the facts of the job itself, that is, the salary and benefits. Is the salary acceptable? Be prepared to negotiate. You should always negotiate the salary. One of the best times to do it is after receiving a job offer – you have a strong hand, you know the company likes your work and wants to bring you on board.
If you cannot negotiate any movement in salary, see if you can get some kind of signing bonus, or focus on getting a better benefits package.
Are the benefits acceptable? The kinds of benefits a company offers can also give you some idea of how the company values its employees.
The other things to consider are the more impressionistic aspects of the job. In other words, what kind of feel or vibe do you get from a company. Is it a place where you would feel comfortable working? Do they share your values? Do they seem to care about you as a person? Do the people at the company appear upbeat and energetic, eager to do their jobs?
What kind of feel for the place did you get from the interview? Were they honest and up front with you about the company and your job? How did they treat you during the interview? How professional were they?
If the interview process dragged on forever with a lot of uncertainty as to what was going on, that may be a clue about the operation of the company, a clue that should give you reason to think hard about taking the job. By the same token, if the interview process moved at lightning speed, that should tell you something as well – that there is a good chance the company got caught with its pants down and is trying to plug a gap as quickly as possible. This is another reason to think carefully about whether to take the job or not.
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