How to Increase the Productivity of Your Remote Team

Because of the pandemic, many more people are working remotely. But even before the pandemic, there was a trend toward remote work. This kind of arrangement has a number of advantages for companies, but it brings challenges as well.
How can managers maintain the cohesion and productivity of their teams when everyone is in a different location? To do this, they need to establish some kind of operational framework and also maintain effective channels of communication.

1. Framework

Working from home gives people greater flexibility, but some kind of organizational structure is still needed. In order for teams to work effectively, long and short-term goals need to be set so everyone knows what the objectives are, along with a plan on how to reach them and deadlines.
With people working in different locations, and possibly even different time zones, managers also need to set priorities for projects so that workers know what to focus on in meeting deadlines.
Team members need to create to-do lists and share them with managers. This will help managers to monitor employees’ work and also help managers to see their progress.
Companies also need to have technology in place to ensure that workers have access to all the resources and information they need to do their jobs.

2. Communication

Companies need to have the right technology to facilitate communication in remote teams. Here, cloud-based platforms work well. This way, you avoid having emails cluttering up a person’s inbox. Digital instruments like Slack and HipChat can enable people to communicate instantly with others on the team.
But having the means is not enough. There must also be motivation to communicate. Team members need to be available to others, ready to answer messages they receive in whatever form, even if they are not officially at work. If someone is will not be available for a certain period of time, he or she needs to inform the team in advance.

3. Feedback

In addition to daily messages, teams need to schedule conference calls every week or so to share information and make sure everyone has the same understanding of where they are at and what needs to be accomplished.
Team members also need to compile progress reports on a regular basis.


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