Three Benefits of Taking on a Contract Job After Graduating

If you have just graduated and are looking for a job, you may not think that contract work is something worthwhile or really helpful to your job search and career growth. You are looking for something full-time, a challenging job with career growth and good benefits. If you find yourself still on the job hunt months after graduation, don’t dismiss contract work out of hand. It can offer you a range of benefits to send you on your way to that job of your dreams. Here are a few.

Hands-On Experience

Contract work gives you the opportunity to gain experience, and often to actually do it more quickly than at a regular job. Each contract job will challenge you with a steep learning curve, where you will have to pick up new knowledge and skills quickly.
This also helps you to acquire soft skills that employers value so much, such as adaptability, flexibility, and communication skills and resilience. Plus, you gain experience at a variety of different tasks as you work at different assignments.
Moreover, contract work gives you the opportunity to try out a job to see if you like the work. You can try out several different types of jobs to help you determine what path in a certain industry you might want to take.
Also, at some companies, if you do well working as a contract employee, the company may consider you for a full-time position. It may well be a way to get to the full-time work you are looking for.

Networking Opportunities

Taking a contract job also gives you the opportunity to meet new people, in and out of your professional field. It is a great opportunity to network. These people can give you valuable career advice. You may even find a mentor who will help guide you in your professional development.
Moreover, the people you meet – your colleagues and supervisors – are all potential references to use when you apply for other jobs.

Improving Your Resume

Some people assume that contract work is somehow inferior to full-time employment, that it will not carry much weight with an employer, but nothing could be further from the truth.
Having contract experience increases your value to potential employers because of the experience you acquire working at different places, as well as the skills you develop. It also shows reliability, initiative and dedication, establishing you are being proactive in pursuing your career goals.
For a recent graduate, with minimal work experience, having contract work on a resume can help you to stand out from other new grads. Opti Staffing can also help new grads in their search for employment. We will work closely with you. At Opti, we know the job market and how to prepare people for it. Give us a call today.
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