Put Your Hiring Process on the Fast Track Today!

Some companies seem to have more difficulty than others finding people with the needed skills and experience quickly. Many of the people do not have what the company is looking for, and they seem to lose good candidates during the hiring process to other opportunities that arise.
All of this may be happening because the hiring process is taking too long. Studies have shown that the best job candidates are usually off the market within 10 days. If the hiring process is taking weeks or months, your company is not going to get the best people. Here are a few ways to shorten the process.

1. Job Descriptions

One problem could be that job descriptions are too vague or not accurate enough. As a result, you are receiving many applications from people who really do not have the skills or experience you want, forcing your hiring manager to waste time sifting through many extra applications.
The way to solve this problem is to improve the job descriptions, to make them as accurate, detailed yet concise as possible. Hiring managers should get input from employees and managers when putting the description together, to make sure it covers what is needed. This should help to reduce the number of applications.

2. Interviews

Another problem may be too many interviews. Getting more accomplished in fewer interviews can streamline your process. You can make the interview process more effective by more thoroughly reviewing applications and conducting phone interviews to winnow out unqualified candidates before the in-person interview stage.
Also, to make the most of interviews, prepare questions beforehand, taking the time to put together questions that directly relate to the skills needed for the job.
Another problem may be that it is taking too much time between interviews. All of the interviews should be conducted as close together in time as possible.

3. Measurement

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Collect data about your interview process – how many job postings are made, how many responses are received, how many are interviewed, how long the interviews take and so on.
This will allow the company to compare how long individual departments take to hire, and how long the hiring process takes compared to the industry average. It will enable the company to see patterns and spot bottlenecks and problem areas.
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