Stay Strong When It Comes to Salary Negotiation

If you’re absolutely desperate for a job, you may be leery of negotiating your job offer. You may feel you’re lucky to just have this offer before you so you decide not to see if you can get more money, better perks, the corner office, etc.
Even if you have a job now, negotiating with a future employer can be highly stressful. “What if she says ‘You ask for too much; I’ve changed my mind about giving you the job”? you may be asking yourself.
No matter if you’re now unemployed or looking to move to a new position, never be nervous about negotiating when you receive a job offer.
Read below for some tips for putting your fears to rest.
1) Never assume that you can’t negotiate. No matter if you’re unemployed or a CEO looking to move to a new position in order to make $100,000 more a year, virtually all employers expect job candidates to ask for something more.
2) Be careful of asking for more and then saying yes to whatever extra is offered right away. The first offer is usually just that, the first offer. Just because a hiring manager says the salary is $30,000 a year doesn’t mean it has to remain at that. There’s always room for negotiation.
3) If you are told no for one or more things that you ask for, all is not lost. Many great salespeople will tell you that “No, doesn’t mean ‘no;’ it means ‘not now.’” If, for example, you ask for $3K more a year (at the original offer of $30K) and are turned down, you can ask that the salary be revisited in six months (after you prove yourself). Or you see if the no was because the budget was tight, but perhaps an extra week or a few days of vacation time could be made available?
4) Which brings us to our fourth tip: Job offer negotiation isn’t just about your salary. You also can negotiate for more vacation time, a different title, education reimbursement, etc.
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