Growth of Online Recruiting

Recent studies show that Americans spend more time on social networking sites than on all other sites combined. There are more than one billion people now on Facebook.
We have online profiles at many different places on the Internet, from where we socialize, where we shop, to where we go for information. And what we do online has become something that recruiters and employers want to know about. They want to know this information as a way to locate possible workers with the skills, education and experience they need.
This trend likely will continue for several reasons, says business analyst Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic.
For one thing, using the Web makes it easier to recruit new employees. The reason for this is networking. If many of the employees of a company are on the Web, they have a network of connections, and that network ripples outward to many other people, with potentially a huge number receiving information about your company. Even now, one in six people has reported that using social media has helped them to find a better job.
Another reason that the Web may become more widely used is that it tends to dampen bias. Recruiters are relying more on a person’s Web-based behavior than on other more subjective impressions, such as appearance. And while bias can never be eliminated, basing evaluations of a candidate on past behavior is a more reliable model than on other subjective assessments.
Also, analysis of data from the Web also will enable recruiters to work more effectively. There are now data aggregation algorithms that can be used to bring together information about a person, Premuzic says. There will soon be data integration, where people’s many profiles will be combined into one.
Some may consider this to be a little intimidating, but the alternative could be even worse, like missing out on a good job, or spending a long time updating your resume, or filling out scads of individual job applications. In addition, recruiters may just pass over people if they cannot find any information about them online.
What this means for workers is that they are going to have to spend more time keeping track of their profiles online, and editing what employers will see; they will need to make sure that nothing inappropriate shows up.
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