How to Beat Burnout

Burnout has become an issue for many employees today because of job-related stress. Health care workers complain of burnout caused by the Covid 19 epidemic. Teachers complain about burnout because of a lack of support.

Burnout is caused by stress, but it’s more than that. Everyone experiences stress, but it doesn’t always lead to burnout. Burnout occurs when people experience stress that is overwhelming, stress that they cannot control or manage. When this happens, people may feel that they have no energy or feel exhausted. They have no motivation, and their job feels like more of a burden.

There are different causes for burnout. They include such things as a workload that is too heavy, a lack of control over decision making, problems with coworkers or a supervisor, or lack of support. Here are some ways to prevent burnout.


If there are certain working conditions that cause undue stress, you need to let your supervisor know what is going on and talk things out with him or her. By communicating, you may be able to make changes to improve the situation.

2. Exercise

This is essential, not only to avoid burnout, but simply to maintain your overall health. Exercise is one of the most potent ways available to relieve stress. After exercising, you not only feel better physically, but mentally. It improves your energy and your mood.

By improving your health, you are also better able to handle the stress that you face in daily life.

3. Diet and sleep

New research is showing just how important these are to your physical well-being and ability to function. Adequate sleep and a good diet improve your immune system, help to prevent obesity, help to prevent disease, reduce stress, improve mood, and help you to think more clearly.

4. Get organized

This is more than just having a clean desk. It also means having good time management, establishing priorities for your tasks and assignments, as well as setting goals effectively.

Set priorities to ensure that you are getting to the important tasks first and have adequate time to work on them. Setting priorities helps you to avoid wasting time on tasks that are relatively unimportant. The same is true about goal setting. You need to set goals that are specific, timely, achievable, relevant and measurable. Doing these things will help you to work more effectively and efficiently, reducing stress.

5. Work life balance

This may not be the easiest thing to achieve, but you need to try and give yourself enough personal time to unwind from the stresses of work. You should be able to leave your work at work and avoid checking emails while at home.

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