Causes for High Turnover

Employee turnover rates are an important indicator of the health of any business. If the turnover rate becomes too high, a company needs to find out why as quickly as possible because this is usually a sign that something is not as it should be.

Here are a few of the primary causes for high turnover.

1.Bad management practices

Poor management is a major cause for employee turnover.

It may take the form of and atrocious boss, one who manages through intimidation or fear, or one who is aloof and unresponsive, or one who simply lacks integrity and takes credit for the work of others.

But this isn’t the only kind of bad management. Some supervisors are micromanagers. They feel that they need to tell their workers how to do every aspect of their job, no matter how small. They are constantly hovering over their people, ready to criticize or give advice.

But poor management can be just the opposite — a supervisor who is unapproachable, one who is not very good at communicating with his workers, who does not get to know or reach out to them and find out what their concerns and needs are, and one who gives little feedback on how they are performing.

2. A misalignment between a person’s skills and the job

In this situation, the skills that a person has don’t line up very well with those that are required to be successful in a certain job. This kind of mismatch may occur because the hiring manager, during the interview, did not do a very good job of learning about the job candidate’s strengths and skills.

Or it could be that the hiring manager is not clear himself exactly what skills are essential for the job

3. No retention efforts

To keep employees, companies need to make the effort to retain them. They need to show employees that they respect and value their efforts. The company needs to recognize and reward employees for their efforts and give workers the opportunity to grow and advance in their careers.

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